Greetings from
the President

  • President

    Hwang Seon-gyu

  • Customized Products·

    Continued Product Development·

    Reinvest Profits In Society

    I am Hwang Seon-gyu, the President of Brown Stone Co., Ltd.
    First of all, welcome to the Brown Stone’s official website.

    Brown Stone specializes in distributing artificial marble, which is a popular finishing material used for interior features in or for kitchens, sinks, wash basins, countertops, various furniture items, and interior walls in both residential and commercial properties.

    Brown Stone, which has become a major player in the artificial marble market since its foundation in 2004, ensures good governance by producing “customized products,” engaging in “continued product development,” and striving to “reinvest profits in society.”

    Brown Stone always listens to the voices of its customers, putting customer satisfaction first, and delivers “customer satisfaction” with swift services and highly competitive prices.

    Brown Stone also uses its own brand, “Brown Stone,” and leverages in-house technologies to expand its reach across the market. Despite being a late-mover to the market, Brown Stone is now recognized across the industry and in the field for its innovative technologies that push the envelope of existing technical parameters.

    Moving forward, Brown Stone promises to mature as a company that grows with its customers through continued efforts to develop new products.

    Meanwhile, another factor that makes Brown Stone a special company is its commitment towards corporate social responsibility. With monthly contributions to charity and volunteer activities, Brown Stone is working relentlessly to establish a social culture in which the country overall, local communities, Brown Stone, and consumers can coexist in harmony.

    On behalf of Brown Stone, I thank you for your steadfast support. Please look forward to Brown Stone and its growth alongside its customers in the coming future.

Greetings from
the Vice President

  • A trusted company built on the principles

    of diligence and persistence

    My name is Kim Gyeong-lim, and I am the Vice President of Brownstone Co., Ltd., which is a company specializing in artificial marble, engineered stone, and ceramic products.
    I sincerely thank you for visiting the official website of Brown Stone.

    Brown Stone took its first step into the artificial marble market with its new Brown UPE artificial marble brand launched back in 2004.
    Since then, Brown Stone has grown into the largest artificial marble distributor in Korea - it distributes all artificial marble products, including Tristone and Blackstone, Staron and Radianz, Hanex and Hanstone, Hi-Macs and Viatera.

    Also, aside from Brown UPE, Brown Stone launched another own brand called “Brown E-STONE,” the MMA artificial marble brand named “Pantheon” (launched in collaboration with SoftChemical Co., Ltd.), and premium ceramic brand “Duo Cera” in recent years to offer a wider variety of products at reasonable prices for customers who have their support and trust in Brown Stone’s products.

    As with all great suppliers, Brown Stone believes that daily diligence and consistency can help a company provide better service to its customers and build a trusted brand in the long run.

    Brown Stone is aware it has plenty of areas to improve upon, and multiple things to do, which is why it has the potential to become a company with an even brighter future.

    Brown Stone will listen to each and every word from its customers and become a company that gets better and better every day.
    To help Brown Stone reach its full potential, I would like to ask you for your continued interest and feedback. Thank you.

  • Vice President

    Kim Gyeong-lim