Recruitment Information

Material ordering team

Job Introduction

- Material ordering tasks include customer material, material inquiry consultation, material input/output management, inventory management, and delivery date management.

- Establish an efficient production and inventory plan, and ensure that products are provided to customers without disruption.

- We contribute to maintaining a trust relationship with sales customers and securing stable sales through order processing.

- We strive to comply with the delivery date and maximize profits by performing efficient purchasing work through strategic alliances with buyers and establishing mutual cooperation.

Competency and vision

- Since material ordering needs to be negotiated or coordinated with related companies from the production ordering stage of the product to delivery to the customer after completion, problem solving ability and communication ability to maintain a smooth relationship with customers are required.

- It is helpful if you can communicate in English/Chinese/conversation or writing/reading for business because it communicates with overseas production plants and exporters.

- If you have an understanding of customs clearance, customs, and trade in order to facilitate your overseas purchasing business, it can be very helpful in your business.

- You must be able to analyze and classify products for sale products well, and be familiar with the characteristics and cost of products.

- Many data are handled and reported in many cases, so if you have an intermediate level or higher knowledge of Excel and Word, smooth business processing is possible.

- Since we have frequent contact with our customers through telephone ordering every day, it is necessary to develop a sense of ownership to represent the company.

Sales Delivery Team

Job Introduction

- Sales and delivery services include product delivery to customers, analysis of customers, sales and collection management of customers in charge, and sales of new customers.

- We contribute to securing new sales partners through customer analysis, business planning, and marketing strategy establishment.

- We strive to maximize true profits through profit and loss, inventory, and bond management.

Competency and vision

- By familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and unit prices of the products you sell, you can increase your expertise in business sales.

- Due to the nature of the sales business, if you like to deal with people and have relationship management skills such as affinity with the business owner, service mind, and communication skills, it will be helpful for sales.

- Material delivery is also direct, so if you are dealing with and reporting a normal type 1 driver's license that can drive 1.5 tons or 2.5 tons and data, an intermediate level knowledge of Excel or Word will help in smooth business processing.

Special Sales Team

Job Introduction

- If the sales and delivery team manages domestic customers, the special sales team plans and signs contracts with construction companies that plan residential areas such as apartments, houses, officetels, and commercial districts such as factories and companies, and is responsible for materials delivery and construction.

- We are carrying out a series of tasks such as discovering and selecting new suppliers, analyzing drawings and drawing estimates, negotiating, determining prices, and signing contracts.

- Construction site management, delivery time management, payment management, construction company management, inventory input/output management, etc.

Competency and vision

- Special sales operations involve strategic alliances and negotiations with companies from customer bidding to contracts, construction and delivery, so you need the ability to manage problems to coordinate the business and communication skills to maintain a smooth relationship.

- You need the ability to analyze drawings, such as sinks, kitchen furniture, shelves, etc., and to make a quote.

- Management knowledge is also required to lower costs and maximize company profits.

- In many cases, you will be dealing with and reporting a lot of data, so if you have an intermediate or higher knowledge of Excel and Word, it is helpful for smooth business processing.

Finance Team

Job Introduction

- The finance and economy business is responsible for overall fund management such as inputting slips for income/expenditure of funds, establishing budget statements, issuing purchase/sales statements, financial analysis, and financing shortages.

- Comprehensive tax accounting-related tasks such as preparation and reporting of financial statements, settlement and provisional settlement, and tax payment are performed.

- Essentially required for business decision making, it provides useful information to internal and external stakeholders.

Competency and vision

- Business knowledge, especially financial management or accounting knowledge, is fundamentally required to perform financial affairs.

- Business administration, accounting, and statistics majors are preferred, and it is helpful for business performance when acquiring accounting and tax-related qualifications, such as Computer Accounting Level 1 and 2, and Tax Accounting Level 1 and 2, etc.

- You need a general understanding of customs clearance, trade, foreign exchange, finance, tax, accounting, and labor.

- Since we have frequent contact with financial institutions such as banks, credit guarantee institutions, insurance and accountants in charge, labor managers, etc., familiarizing yourself with business manners will help you process your business.

- Since there are many cases where you will be dealing with and reporting a lot of data, you need to have an intermediate knowledge of Excel and Word.

- Because we are managing financial affairs within the company, we must have high integrity and morality.

Legal Affairs Team

Job Introduction

- The Legal Affairs Team performs in-company legal affairs such as contract writing and review, articles of incorporation management, general shareholders' meeting, board minutes, registration/transmission work, customer debt management, litigation, notarization, seizure, and forced execution.

- Company information is collected through customer analysis, sales and collection analysis for bond management.

Competency and vision

- Legal knowledge is fundamentally required to perform the legal affairs team.

- Law majors are preferred, and if you have related work experience, it will be helpful in performing your work.

- You will be dealing with and reporting a lot of data, so you need to have an intermediate knowledge of Excel and Word.