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Panaria MAXA 1600  3200  12T





  • Standard
    Pattern thickness(mm) width(mm) Length(mm)
    Kale 3 3000 1000
  • Property evaluation
  • Features of ceramic


    Premium material

    Ceramic made of natural minerals and raw materials is a premium porcelain panel that features a high-quality natural stone-like texture that looks naturally beautiful and is durable against the elements. Ceramic overcomes the functional limitations of natural stone and perfectly reproduces the aesthetics of natural stone, making it a trendy architectural and construction material suited to sophisticated designs (e.g. exterior architecture materials, interiors, and furniture).

    Strengths of Ceramic

    • Ceramic is easy to clean thanks to its strong resistance against bleach or chemical cleaning agents containing ammonia.

    • Meanwhile, it does not emit toxic or radioactive substances (e.g. radon gas, etc.) that are harmful to the human body.

    • It is 100% natural and does not fade or deteriorate, even when exposed to direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions.

    • Ceramic is also water and liquid-resistant, which means it absorbs almost no water or liquids.

    • It does not burn when it comes in contact with high temperatures or fire, and does not emit smoke or other toxic substances.