Recruitment Information

Rank system

  • Employee

  • Chief(Instructor)

  • Substitute

  • Exaggeration

  • Conductor

  • Director

  • Executives

Performance · Reward

- The reward system differentiated according to individual and organizational performance increases work immersion and motivates employees to reinforce their expertise.

- By providing job training opportunities for self-development and job competency growth, we are laying the groundwork for global talent.

- We pursue a corporate culture that values talented people by providing opportunities for promotion to talented people who have demonstrated their capabilities through performance-based evaluation.

  • Base salary

    Base salary and bonuses
    Position and job allowance by position

  • Performance · Reward

  • Incentive

    Differential payment according to management performance and personal evaluation
    Induce teamwork and personal performance improvement


- We conduct personnel evaluation based on fairness and objectivity, and aim for shared growth between the company and individuals.

- Competency evaluation : Evaluation of various behaviors in the process of performing work

- Achievement evaluation : Periodic in-house test results and performance measurement

  • Fairness


  • Competency evaluation

    Achievement evaluation

  • Shared growth between individual employees and the entire company